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Food Aboard The Carnival Fantasy — Day 2

The next day dawned with a clear, sunny sky, which I enjoyed with a cup of coffee from the highest deck, and took lots of pictures of the sunrise… Lots!

Breakfast —

Since we wanted to debark as soon as possible, we had an early breakfast. We went to the dining room for this one, not the buffet.


It was actually a pretty disappointing breakfast. There weren’t that many customers around, but they still had a hard time getting our drinks (coffee, milk, orange juice). We actually got our food before we got the juice.

As far as breakfast I had eggs benedict with a side of corned beef hash. The eggs benedict were pretty bad, the hollandaise sauce was in mousse form (why?) which had dried up when they put it under the broiler (again, why?) and at that point it was a pretty dry flavorless paste on top of the eggs. The corned beef hash was more of a mashed potatoes with corned beef, it was a bit odd. All in all pretty bad service and the food choices were questionable.

Dinner —

This dinner was actually amazing. It was supposed to be the Captain’s dinner night so I guess they brought their “A” game.


I started dinner with a risotto topped with scallops with a parmesan wafer and a balsamic reduction. It was amazing, it also had a few drops of basil oil that added a lot of flavor. I loved this dish, it was delicious, well balanced, and pretty, and was just sad that I couldn’t have any more of it!


My entree was duck l’orange with a side of potatoes au gratin. This was also delicious. Well cooked, flavorful, and a huge portion. It was perfect!


For dessert I had the Grand Marnier souffle. It was ok, but the “sauce” you are supposed to pour over was more of a warm pudding and less of a sauce. The flavor was a little too orange extract (fake) and not enough Grand Marnier or even orange zest.


The chocolate cake was pretty good. I have to say that they did know how to make cake. It was moist and chocolatey.

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