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Food Aboard The Carnival Fantasy — Day 1

Overall we loved the food aboard the Carnival Fantasy. In the next couple of posts I will show you the day by day log of what we ate!

Day 1:

Boarding & Lunch —

We got to the terminal very early in order to skip traffic delays (let’s face it, it gets very bad in the downtown Miami area). Because of this we ended up eating a very rushed breakfast and waiting at the terminal for a bit. Once we were on the boat the first thing we did was get lunch.


The only thing open was the buffet at Windows On The Sea, the burger, and burrito place right outside. My husband got pizza which was average, we also tried a burrito which was AMAZING (my husband LOVED it, with steak, shrimp and all the toppings you might want what isn’t there to love?). From the buffet I got an assortment of salads and veggies and steak (see picture). The desserts offered were bad… just bad.

Dinner —

The first night on the boat the weather was pretty bad and needless to say it wasn’t smooth sailing. My husband got very seasick so we weren’t able to stay for dessert.


As appetizer I had the duck salad, which was amazing. Think pasta salad made with asian noodles and a lot of pineapple topped with thinly sliced duck breast. It was delicious!


My husband had the tilapia, which was very mild, it needed a little more seasoning. It was served with mac and cheese, glazed carrots, a pea puree, and a tomato compote. This was just ok.


I had the salmon, which was cooked perfectly, with an assortment of vegetables. While the salmon was good the vegetable were just boiled so nothing impressive there. But I did like that salmon!

After rushedly eating my salmon, we had to make a dash for the room to get my husband medicine, before he spilled that tilapia all over the dining room table (TMI?)

Interesting side note, the seas were so rough that night that the boat went on a 45 degree angle for about 10 minutes. Thankfully my husband was asleep (knocked out by the nausea medicine) so he didn’t feel most of it. However I was by the door to our cabin when it happened and had to “climb a mountain” in order to get to the bed and check on him to make sure he wasn’t about to fall from the bed… Fun times -_-


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