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Food Aboard The Carnival Fantasy — Day 3

Sunday was our day at sea. I spent this day relaxing around the pool with a few cocktails. We napped, and we ate… It was magical!

Day 3:

For both breakfast and lunch we just went to the buffet. For breakfast I had grits, ham, chicken flautas, fruit, and bread. For lunch we had the glorious burritos (my husband’s mission for the trip was to eat as many burritos as possible… somehow he only ended eating two though).

Dinner —

My husband ordered the caprese salad. It was good, with a basil pesto and oil, it was pretty yummy.


I got the wild mushroom soup (one of my favorite soups). It was very good!


My husband got the chicken parmesan as his entree (I guess he was feeling like Italian food that night). It was ok, nothing that exciting about it. The small side of potatoes au gratin was just blah, and the veggies were good.


I ordered the lobster. I have to say I was very disappointed. It was just a tiny lobster tail with no sides. It cost me $20 for this tiny thing, and I had to wait an extra 20 minutes after they had brought everyone else’s food. All in all not worth it!!


The dessert was disappointing as ever (I had high hopes for these ones ;-;) The chocolate molten cake pictured below was average at best. Nothing special.


The poached pear was very sour and barely had any sweetness to it. It was also very hard, which leads me to believe that they had barely been poached.


Room Service —

Since we were traveling to celebrate our anniversary I ordered us a celebration cake. As you can imagine I has very apprehensive about the quality after all the dessert fails we had tried. I was very pleasantly surprised!! They actually make good cakes. It was moist and the chocolate mousse filling was delicious!


We also ordered the canapes tray. It was AMAZING!! The smoked salmon was great, the boiled eggs with lemon and caviar we very good!The artichoke and sundried tomatoes toast and the sausage and cream cheese was also very good!


I think my favorite food was actually this room service meal! We also had a bottle of champagne, so it was extremely fancy! (Caviar, champagne, and chocolate? Sir I was royalty that night!)

While we didn’t like a lot of the dessert, the food itself was pretty good in general. We had fun sampling all the different offerings which is what counts at the end!

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