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Paris Morning Bakery

Name: Paris Morning Bakery
Cuisine: Korean Bakery
Location: 4900 S University Dr, Davie, FL 33328
(Also has a location in Lauderhill and one in Plantation)

Paris Morning Bakery is a Korean bakery, we have been to two of their locations and have enjoyed them a lot.


First the atmosphere. The place is very nicely decorated, clean, and has a modern feel to it. It is a bit different as far as: you come in, grab a tray and serve yourself what you will be buying. You can then pay for it and eat it, or you can ask the lady at the counter to wrap it up for you. The service is excellent. They are very kind and attentive. If you don’t like your drink, they will make you a new one. They are happy to assist you.

The food is very good. Understand that it is a little bit different, kimchi croquettes, breads stuffed with sweet potato, sweet breads, most things are sweet.


I happen to love the kimchi croquettes. It is filled with a delicious kimchi mixture while the outside is breaded with panko, which makes it extra crispy. Another favorite is the creme bread. Basically a semi sweet bread filled with whipped cream. It reminds me of a cream puff. The little mice are super cute. They are a sweet potato bread with different fillings and almond decorations. It is very sweet (in flavor and temperament). The bingsus (pictured below) are very refreshing and different in a good way. It is very finely shaved ice topped with a milky syrup, then topped with fruit or cookies, and then it gets finished off with a big scoop of ice cream. Make sure you share this one, it is BIG!


Their cakes are to die for. Absolutely amazing. But the best part is that it not only tastes good (great even), they look exquisite!! They are so fancy, and their packaging is great also. They are a little bit on the pricier side, but I recommend you give them a try. You will not be disappointing, and your friends and family will be very impressed.

I highly recommend trying this place (at any of its locations) this weekend! It will give you an insight into desserts and breads from a different culture. Not to mention that it will fill your belly with deliciously baked goods.

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