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Bento Series #11– Spring Rolls

With spring around the corner, I felt it was time to post my recipe for SPRING Rolls (see what I did there?) With winter finally starting to fade (not really up North, and no real winter down here in Florida -_-) it is time to make some healthy food that will help us get in shape for bikini season, a.k.a. summer. This recipe is perfect for that, full of fresh veggies and delicious crab meat, it will satisfy the tastebuds while being gentle to your body.

It is also great for a bento since everything goes inside the wrapper and you can eat it with your hands, no silverware necessary. Grab, dip, and enjoy!

Bento Components:

  • Spring Rolls
  • Peanut Sauce

Spring Rolls —


-1 container (8 oz.) of fresh crab meat (can be found in the fish counter).

-2 carrots

-1/2 cucumber with all the seeds removed

-3 green onions

-1 cup cooked rice noodles

-1 tsp sesame oil

-1 Tbsp lemon juice

-spring roll wrappers

-salt and pepper to taste

The first thing you have to do is julienne (fancy word for cut into thin strips about 2-3 inches long) all of your vegetables. Set aside. Cook your rice noodles following the package instructions, toss the noodles with the sesame oil and salt to taste. Set aside. Mix the crab meat with the lemon juice, salt and pepper to taste. Set aside.

Prepare your assembly line; noodles, veggies, crab meat, and a wide container full of hot water. You will have to dip the spring roll wrapper in the hot water in order to soften them. Once they are pliable you need to move fast and you can’t let the edges overlap… kind of like plastic wrap once it touches itself it will never let go O_O…

Set the wrapper down then layer some noodles, veggies, and 1-2 tablespoon of the crab mix. Then follow the following info-graphic on how to roll it:


Then you can serve whole or slice in half so you can see all the pretty colors!

Peanut Sauce —


-1/4 cup peanut sauce

-1 Tbsp sesame oil

-1 Tbsp water

Mix all the ingredients very well. Top with green onions or parsley for an extra pop of color. Serve alongside the rolls.


This makes for a great healthy lunch. If you want to keep it even lighter, you can skip the sauce completely. The spring roll is packed with flavor as it is!

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