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Fox Bros Bar-B-Q as seen on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives

Name: Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q
Cuisine: Barbeque, Southern, American (Traditional)
Location: 1238 Dekalb Ave NE
Atlanta, GA 30307

Oh Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives, you are the source of much pain in our lives. Everytime we watch you, we lament the lack of delicious foods in our immediate area, or the lack of late night foods available (for some reason we always watch this show late at night), we feel extreme jealousy that our jobs do not consist of going around enjoying delicious food while driving a kick-butt car, and then 70% of the time we feel such disappointment when we finally get to go to these places… (;-;)

Let us explain a little bit:

As far as the food goes the main descriptor is– good barbecue. The brisket was amazing, the pulled pork and barbecue sauce were also great, the ribs, chicken, and turkey were good. The sides were just OK, the fried okra was a big disappointment, it was just frozen, not fresh. The collard greens were extremely bitter.

The combo platter. Ribs and brisket with collards and okra.

The combo platter. Ribs and brisket with collards and okra.

For this place, and most alums in the DD&D roster, the main problem is always the pricing. It was very overpriced! We spent over $300 on a party of 10, most of us drank water and had no appetizer, so found it very expensive for pretty simple barbecue.

The second main problem is the wait, it was looong!!! Regardless of the size of your party be prepared to wait. In our case, because we were such a big party, they told us we could sit outside (45 minutes) or wait over one hour for inside. So of course we said we were sitting outside. Big mistake!!! There is no real canopy, so we sat in the hot summer Sun for the whole meal.

Also parking is a bit of a problem here. Pretty small lot that is always packed. The restaurant is in a residential neighborhood, so you might end up having to park a block away, in front of someone’s house. Just make sure you do not block any driveways or accessways or you might get towed.

Texas Fries

Texas Fries

Honestly we just went to this restaurant because it was featured in Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives and feel that while some of the food was good it does not justify the price nor the wait.

So as always when visiting a DD&D restaurant be prepared for extremely long waits and overpriced food, while sometimes the amazing food justifies wait and cost, we felt that this time it did not.

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