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Carnival Fantasy Pros and Cons

About two weeks ago we took a little trip to Nassau in the Carnival Fantasy ship. There were definitely a lot of great things about the experience and a few bad ones, but all in all I loved our little getaway.


The Pros:

The Rooms — We had an ocean view room which was very spacious, the bathroom was a good size also. It was well appointed with a pretty big closet, a king bed, a seat-in vanity, and an extra chair. When we got to the room there was a tarp on the bed for putting your luggage on and not ruin the sheets. There were towels for taking off the ship or to the pool. Lastly there was water for your convenience, you do have to pay for it, but it was pretty handy not having to go somewhere to get water.


The Service — Yes they are being nice to you because they want tips, but regardless of, the service they provide is outstanding. When we met our room steward we immediately tipped him $20.00. This will be the best spent $20 of your whole trip! Because we were considerate to him he made sure to give us a lot of perks. Turndown service (Don’t know if it was included for everyone, but he always made it extra special leaving cute towel animals, picking up all of our stuff, etc). He gave us several gift cards, $25 for a bottle of wine, $50 for spa service, and 1 Free picture from Pixels, because he found out it was our anniversary. He also left a very nice message in our mirror congratulating us. Our room was always clean, spotless, and organized. Anything we needed was brought by instantly, so definitely a good investment.


The Views — Man, I loved waking up early, stopping by the dining room to grab a cup of coffee and then just go to the highest deck in the ship and just sit there and enjoy the sunrise. It was beautiful, peaceful, and so relaxing. I had a moment to myself, to just enjoy God’s gift, and I was truly happy. We have a gorgeous planet, the sea is amazing and the sunrises espectacular. Nassau was also beautiful to see in the day or night.


The Food — It was very good. The fancy dinners were very delicious. The room service canapes tray we ordered was AMAZING, we also ordered an anniversary cake and the chocolate tray, both were great. The burrito bar was super good, my husband loved this the most. The buffet lunch was ok, not bad in general, but not the greatest either. I will make a post about what we ate in the trip with all the pictures per day!


The Cons:

The Desserts — The desserts in the lunch buffet were atrocious! Nothing was good. We did not like ANY of them, we tried them all and everything tasted like disappointment and shame as my husband says. The desserts in the main dining room were better but not by much. All in all I was not impressed.

The Activities— It is a small boat. There technically was “a lot” to do, but a lot of it was repetitive (several bars and lounges), and not things we liked. We weren’t interested in the casino, or the different bars (I much rather sit by the pool and have a few cocktails while I enjoy the view), the library was mostly off limits for events, and the kid’s slides were tiny and clearly for kids, so we couldn’t use them.

The spa (pictured below) was nice, but pretty hard to book. I ended up going to a very early appointment since everything had been booked. Also, fun fact, they made me sit through a 5 minute sales pitch after my appointment, where the lady tried to sell me several kinds of product and when I said no, she got pretty angry… awkward. So just be prepared for it!


The Decor — It is dated. Shows the boat’s age. Not a huge bother, just something you notice.

The Pool — It was tiny. There were like a thousand lounge chairs, surrounding the smallest pool I have ever seen in a public setting. This was the  only thing that was a big disappointment. It was impossible to get into most of the time since it was full of kids playing. Literally packed. So if you were sunning there was no real place to go for a quick dip.


The Adult Deck — Also tiny. Not enough chairs for all the adult that wanted to be there. No pool either. But for some reason it had two hot tubs… Hot tubs… in Florida… going to a Caribbean Island… with no pool to cool down after… It was very hot, I would recommend that ships that travel in hot weather have pools, not Hot Tubs, just a thought.


All in all this was a great experience. I wasn’t all that bothered by the lack of activities because I just chose to spend my time relaxing by the pool with a cocktail and enjoying the views while we were on the ship. We skipped the activities at night as well and spent time together in our room. So this was a VERY relaxing vacation, which was exactly what I needed.

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