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Braised Short Ribs

This is a low and slow meal. Perfect for weekend entertaining, or a “cena” (late night dinner). Short ribs cooked slowly in a wine sauce, need I say more? With a little time and preparation you can make this dish and look like a star to your guests! Or just make it for yourself, nothing wrong with indulging yourself every now and then… or always!

Braised Short Ribs —
(Serves 4-8 depending on how willing to share your family is o_O)


-8 short ribs
-3 carrots diced
-2 celery sticks diced
-1 onion diced
-4 garlic cloves pounded into a fine paste… Or minced, depending on how much aggression you have pent up.
-salt and pepper to taste
-2 cups of red wine
-2 cups beef broth
-1 Tbsp of Worcestershire sauce
-1/4 cup tomato paste
-2 bay leaves
-chives for garnish
-olive oil

Season your short ribs with salt and pepper. Let sit and come to room temperature while you prep all of your veggies. In a big, heavy bottom, oven safe pot (a lot of requirements for a pot…) add enough olive oil to coat all the sides. Set on the stove at medium high. Brown all of your short ribs. Take them out once browned, and assess your pot (this poor pot is under a lot of pressure it seems). Are the brown bits too burned? Is there too much oil in the pan? If so wipe the pot with a dry paper towel removing the burned bits as well as the excess oil. If you remove all the oil add a tablespoon of olive oil. Throw in the onions, and cook for five minutes, then add the carrots, celery, garlic and a pinch of salt. Cook for another five minutes. Add the tomato paste, stir it in and let it cook for at least two minutes. Put the short ribs back in, then add wine, beef broth, Worcestershire sauce, and bay leaves. Stir until all is well combined. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees.

At this point you might be tempted to add a lot of salt and pepper. You can add a TINY bit of salt so that all the veggies start getting some flavor, but remember that a lot of the liquid will be reduced which means that the end result will be WAY saltier than what you started with. This is why I like to season the meat really well, then add a pinch when I put in the vegetables, and just adjust at the end.

Cover your pot and put in your preheated oven. You are going to cook this for 2 1/2 hours, check how your liquid level is doing periodically, if it is getting too low then add more stock. After the 2 1/2 hours have passed, take your pot out of the oven, uncover and place on medium high heat (You thought we were done cooking? That you were going to eat soon? Mwahahaha). Let the sauce reduce, keeping an eye on it so that it doesn’t burn, this process should take about 15 minutes.

Then the time has come! Serve over rice, mashed potatoes, or even polenta. Garnish with some chives, and enjoy!

Whenever I cook this for guests, I remember that episode of The Office where Michael and Jan have the dinner party and they start making the Osso Buco when the guests arrive… I don’t recommend doing this, or you might have some very cranky guest prone to loud and embarrassing outbursts… Hahaha

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