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Gabose Korean Barbecue

Name: Gabose Korean & Japanese
Cuisine: Korean, Japanese
Location: 4991 N University Dr
Lauderhill, FL 33351

Gabose has won a lot of local awards. A lot of publications named it the best Korean barbecue in the area, therefore we decided we had to try it!

A little information on how it works. You can choose to sit in a normal table and have food brought to you from the kitchen (boring), or you can choose to sit in the barbecue area, where you get to cook your own food. These tables are equipped with a great big whole in the center of them, this is where they will put in a bat of extremely hot coals with a metal grate on the top that will serve as your grill surface. There are exhaust vacuums hanging from the ceiling that will pull in most of the smoke and the food smells so that you wont leave smelling like a kitchen. Also it will help you control the fire, if you are getting too much flame-ups then bring the vacuum closer and it will keep the fire at a low level.


There are two kinds of cooking you can do; charcoal or gas grill.  For charcoal cooking you HAVE to order at least two meats per table which range from $21 to $27 per order. For gas grill cooking you also have to order two meats, but they average $18 per order. Now this sounds pretty pricey, but each meat order comes with an array of side dishes which are included in the price, as well as a bowl of rice (2 per table), and two meat orders can feed up to four people if you stretch it a bit.


As appetizer we have tried the green onion Korean pancake and the gyozas. The pancake was very delicious, fluffy and full of green onions (something I enjoy, but the hubby cautions against if massive quantities of green onions are not your thing) with a nice soy sauce based dipping sauce. The gyozas were rather average, with more vegetables than usual.


We were a party of seven and ordered the galbi, shrimp, pork, and chicken as our meats. These came in a variety of marinades and seasonings. Both of us loved the pork and decided it was our favorite. However we disagree in what our second favorites were. While I enjoyed the galbi the hubby preferred the chicken. A note of caution, all the meats are sliced very thinly/small be careful not to overcook them. They will not take long at all and while the pork and the galbi have enough fat that keeps them moist, the chicken will dry up very fast.


The real star in my opinion (not the hubby’s he prefers meat) are the side dishes or banchan. I absolutely loved all of them. The offerings are constantly changing due to what is in season. They have classic kimchi, cucumber kimchi, potatoes in a kimchi sauce, lettuce in a sesame oil marinade, potato salad, seaweed and onions, pickled radish, tofu, cabbage with noodles, among others many others. My preferred method of eating is making a bite-sized wrap — lettuce leaf, rice, meat, and sides. The hubby’s was rice with meat and then eat sides as their own individual meal.


And of course the meal comes with classic sticky rice, which was delicious and extra sticky. However, they use the Korean-style metal chopsticks here, which are already a bit harder to use, but these are flat rectangular shapes instead of round and can be tricky even for a chopstick veteran. Extra rice was pricey at $2 for a small container but worth it.


Now for the bad, we also ordered a rice bibimbap (mixed rice dish) just to try it since it is such a classic Korean dish. We were sorely disappointed. We got the chicken bibimbap and it was lacking in flavor. There was no salt in the dish and the chicken was very dry. Once you mixed in the gochujang (red pepper paste) the salt problem decreased slightly but it was still low on seasoning and lacked flavor. They did serve it in the hot stone bowl which made the rice nice and crisp at the bottom, like it is supposed to. Also, do not expect great service. There is literally only one “nice” server. All the other ones kind of have an attitude. It doesn’t really detract from the experience since you barely interact with them, but be warned.

All in all we highly recommend this restaurant. It is a fun experience, great for dates since you will have a lot of time to talk while you cook your food. We both really enjoyed the charcoal grilling and feel like the food tasted delicious for the most part. Go check it out if you find yourself in the area!

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