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Bento Series #6 — Finger Sandwiches

As you might have gathered from my posts, I tend to run a little short on time some days, which causes me to come up with recipes that are delicious but fast to make (Ain’t nobody wanna spend the night in the kitchen).

These Finger Sandwiches are one of the quickest lunches I can whip-up. Now you might say:

“Silvia, all sandwiches are finger sandwiches, you eat them with your fingers, duh!”

To you I say, WRONG! Finger sandwiches are smaller in size which makes them great as appetizers, for tea time (so sophisticated), or perfect to put in a bento. Ha! I have silly conversations with myself sometimes -_-

Bento Components:

  • Egg Salad Sandwich
  • Spicy Ham Sandwich
  • Cheese Sandwich


Egg Salad Sandwich–


-6 hard boiled eggs (makes two sandwiches)

-1/4 cup mayo

-1 tsp Dijon mustard

-1/2 tsp sesame oil

-1 tsp soy sauce

-salt and pepper to taste (salt might not be needed)

-1 tsp lemon juice

-1 Tbsp sriracha mayo or spicy mayo

-1 green onion chopped

-2 slices of a hearty bread

Cut the hardboiled eggs in quarters. Add all the other ingredients (except bread and lettuce… that would make an interesting egg salad o_O) and mix, chopping white parts lightly with mixing spoon. The egg will continue to break down as you mix it. I like to have bigger chunks but it is up to you what texture you prefer. If you want bigger pieces for texture, be careful when you mix in ingredients and do not over mix. If you like it to be a homogenous mix, then whip (“now watch me whip, now watch me nene” breaks into dance) mixture to your heart’s desire. Then spread on bread and cut into desired size.


Spicy Ham Sandwich–

-sliced ham of your choice

-sriracha mayo or Asian spicy mayo

-lettuce leaves

– Two slices of a hearty bread

I like to use at least two different kinds of ham for this sandwich. Spread spicy mayo on both slices of bread. Layer lettuce and ham slices, should go something like this: lettuce, ham 1, ham 2, ham 1, ham 2, lettuce. My husband is a firm believer in the correct science of sandwich layering, so trust me when I say this is the best way to layer this sandwich for optimal enjoyment. Cut sandwich into desired size (small rectangles, diagonally, circles?) and serve.


Cheese Sandwich–

-2 white American cheese slices

-2 cheddar cheese slices

-2 smoked Gouda cheese slices

-1/4 cup mascarpone cheese

-1 Tbsp diced chives

-lettuce leaves

-2 hearty whole wheat bread slices (or whatever you prefer)

Mix mascarpone with chives (can substitute mascarpone with cream cheese) and spread on bread slices. Layer as follows: lettuce, 1 slice of each cheese, 1 slice of each cheese in the same order, lettuce.


There you have it, very simple sandwiches for those days you only have ten minutes in the morning to throw something together because you passed out the night before without getting around to prepare lunch (What??? I’m not talking from experience >_>).

The egg salad sandwich is also great for tea parties!




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